Monday, 3 October 2011

False Dowry Harassment Case

Only few years after his marriage, Syed Makhdoom came to know that he was the fourth husband of his wife, Muskaan Sehr.  One day, she took all the jewelry and other confidential documents and also filed a false Dowry harassment case against her husband; the Indian-turned-Canadian national, Syed Makhdoom. Furthermore, his visitation rights to his beloved son were also reserved. He felt isolated and on April 5, 2009, he committed suicide and put an end to all his sufferings, mental trauma and the deep agony he was going through.

He was betrayed and was trapped because of the so called draconian law of the Indian Constitution; section 498 A

Veteran actors Farida Jalal & Sushma Seth on the sets of "498 A-Wedding Gift"

“498 A- Wedding Gift” is a Hindi commercial feature film which presents a similar story, informing about the misuse of the Dowry Act of the Indian Constitution. Section 498 A of the Indian Penal Code, allows the Police to arrest anyone in the husband’s family and his relatives, without any investigation. The wife just needs to lodge a complaint in the nearby Police station.

Many people calls section 498 A to be more dangerous than POTA even. They want it to be eliminated or amended. The time has come, when the cry of the people must be addressed. And the amendments in the draconian Dowry law should certainly be considered.

Suhaib Ilyasi, who is the producer-director of the commercial feature film “498 A- Wedding Gift”, aims at informing the Indian masses, about the misuse of the Dowry Act. The film is about the agony and the sufferings, which an NRI family goes through. They come back to India to look for a beautiful bride for their only son. But shortly after the marriage, the family falls into a trap because of the biased Dowry law of the Indian Constitution ….and the story begins.