Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Part I of the making of 498a The Wedding Gift

Until now we have had a successful run with the promo efforts.
Our Press conferences at Bangalore, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Delhi all have contributed in bringing film in the limelight. Lucknow and Indore have had a pre-promo kind of events where the film is discussed along with other issues and got coverage. We have been successful in generating a buzz for the film. 

There will be a music release of the film songs once we have a tie-up with a music company. The contract is expected to be inked very soon, which will follow a music release function hopefully with the likes of Ghulam Ali Khan and other industry stalwarts attending it. While the film unit is giving its final touches to the print, they are in the process of finishing the shoot of the last song of the film, which is certainly going to be a head-turner.

I had the privilege to watch one more scene when I met Suhaib bhai in first week of May in Mumbai. There is a laloo-accented character with his features as a neta. I found the cameo hilarious and it only seems a precursor to what the whole film will be like. Also, I have already requested for a film screening whenever possible.

We are at the historic juncture where the long cherished dream of having a film on the subject is about to be realised.

- Amit Deshpande

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